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Now, let's get serious about any wrinkles above your lips.. 


Wrinkle Removal & Lifting and Firming Treatment



This Wrinkle Removal Treatment, when used for lines above and below the lips, must be used with the Spa LipCare System, to be effective.


Without question, some of the most effective, anti-aging formulations on the market today!!! This special package contains the following:


Special formulations from our Face 2 Flaunt® Line comprise this offering. In all, there are 5 active ingredients - they are:

  • Essenskin, Renovage and Kombuchka in the Line Smoother
  • Dermaxyl in the Upper Lip Line Eliminator
  • Matrixyl 3000 in the Line Eliminator


The Line Smoother is formulated with the Three, Separate, Active Ingredients Essenskin, Renovage, and Kombuchka. They make a significantly visible difference in 3 separate areas: Neck, Eyes and Around Lips.


Essenskin’s function is to fortify and restructure mature skin by restoring the main cell functions. In doing so the skin regains its firmness, density, elasticity and smoothness. Renovage extends your skin’s youth span by delaying senescence. It fights against all signs of ageing and can extend cell lifespan by 1/3. It works on the origin of youth and targets the cell actors that ensure lifespan and youth.


Kombuchka induces a lipo-filling effect when applied topically to the skin, by stimulating the adipocyte population.


The Upper Lip Line Eliminator is formulated with the messenger peptide Pal-VGVAPG, providing unsurpassed cellular restructuring and repair, assisting aged skin to function and repair itself similar to younger healthy skin.


The Line Eliminator consists of the latest cutting edge collagen regeneration ingredient Matrixyl 3000, which includes the advanced messenger peptides Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR, act synergistically one with another to help restore and maintain skin’s youthful appearance.


The Vitamin Enriched, light and silky Face gloss is the final step in this treatment.

REMEMBER: This Wrinkle Removal Treatment, when used for lines above and below the lips, must be used with the Spa LipCare System, to be effective.


Our Special Price

  • $165.00




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