How to get big sexy lips like Hollywood stars with a lip plumping device. Want Hollywood lips that you have seen your favourite actresses display during movies and commercials, that striking feature in a magazine or on the red carpet.  Manufactured from high quality materials this Satin Gold lip plumper has been fashioned to plump up and prepare your lips to come alive for the stage. Now you can stand out like a star every day.

This Hollywood Edition is used in a number of elite artist agencies worldwide and is sought after by women seeking the sexiest pout on the planet. The Hollywood lip plumper is exclusively designed to plump up your lips beautifully for special occasions such as auditions, film and television shooting and events, shoots, portfolio photos, music videos, red carpet events, music and acting festivals, stage shows, dance shows, cabaret, presentations and many more ultra special VIP events and occasions!!

Our stylishly designed Hollywood lip plumper will help make every occasion an unforgettable experience. Our fashionably designed Pearl Gold lip plumper will help plump your lips and create a stunning visual effect that will wow your friends and colleagues. It is the best kept secet of a number of high profile celebrities who must look outstanding as they constantly grace the covers of magazines and posters worldwide.

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