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Now, let's get serious about any wrinkles above your lips.. 


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What is Lips2Kiss?

Lips2Kiss ® is a simple 4-step LipCare Spa System consisting of 4 special LipCare products which you use for a total of 3 Minutes in the morning & 3 Minutes at night to get magnificent results. In Return You will get Lusciously soft, smooth, youthful and plump lips with the reduction of lines on your lip surface as well as above and around your lips.


The Truth About Lips - What You Need to Know

The lips' aging process can be prevented, interrupted, and reversed. Regardless of your age or present lip condition, your lips can be repaired, restructured, restored, rejuvenated and enlarged to a more beautiful state naturally & without surgery.  Vertical lines on your lip surface, as well as lines and wrinkles above and around your lips, are the direct result of pulling and constricting in your underlying lip tissues.


Our Promises to You Are:

  • Assist in Successfully increasing and Enhancing Your Lips by 30-50% in size naturally
  • Assist in Successfully Reducing and Eliminating Wrinkles Above and Around Your Lips
  • Assist in Successfully Restoring Your Lips Naturally Healthy and Vibrant Lip Color
  • Assist in Successfully Defining Your Vermillion Border (Upper Lip LineAssist in Successfully Reducing Vertical Lines in Your Lips and Transforming the Surface into one of Smoothness and Suppleness
  • Assist in Successfully Increasing the Fullness of Your Lips to their own Natural Maximum Capacity
  • Assist to Successfully Protect Your Lips from Free Radical Damage
  • Assist to Successfully Rejuvenate Your Lips to a More Youthful State


Instructions for this simple 4 step program are in your New Customer Letter which accompanys each product. The 3 minutes spent each morning and night will be the easiest and most relaxing minutes of your entire day...


The Intensive Spa LipCare System 4 Simple Steps are:


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The 22 Separate Functions performed by the Lips2Kiss ® LipCare System are: 

  • Delivers tissue repairing peptides to the lips
  • Stimulates the growth of new cells in your lips
  • Delivers botanical lipid complexes to the lip tissues
  • Provides repair to UV damaged tissues in your lips
  • Helps prevent photo aging damage to your lips
  • Strengthens the lips barrier repair
  • Enhances the natural long term fullness of the lips
  • Protects lips from free radical damage
  • Protects lips from environmental irritants
  • Nourishes the lip tissues with vitamin B5 for cell growth, hydration, and healing 
  • Nourishes the lip tissues with vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant which can protect the lips' capillaries
  • Nourishes the lip tissues with vitamin E, an anti-oxidant superstar and helps repair UV caused free radical damage
  • Interrupts the lips' aging process
  • Retains moisture within the lip tissues
  • Improves lips tone and texture
  • Gives definition to the Vermillion Border (Upper Lip Line)
  • Reduces vertical lip lines
  • Transforms the lip surface into one of smoothness and suppleness
  • Increases the lips fullness to their Maximum Natural Capacity
  • Assists in successfully eliminating lines and wrinkles above and around lips
  • Corrects dry, chapped lips
  • Used by men as well as women to get beautiful lips and bigger lips


Maximum Natural Lip Fullness

The Cosmeceutical LipCare System is multi-functional and rewards the user in several ways. One such benefit is a significant increase in lip fullness. This occurs from the intense hydration being held in the lip tissues, along with an increase in collagen and elastin production. This system works at the cellular level.


This LipCare System is the first lip product to use clinically-tested, cutting-edge, botanical lipid complexes. It also contains a myriad of lip vitamins. The products in this cutting edge lip treatment are void of wax, wax derivatives and petroleum by products. Your lips natural maximum fullness is always achieved.


Most Noticeable Results:

  • Your upper lip line becomes beautifully defined
  • Your lips maximum natural fullness is achieved
  • Upper lip lines and wrinkles are eliminated
  • Lip surface lines are eliminated
  • Your lips have vibrant, natural coloration
  • Lips become lusciously soft and supple
  • Your lip surface and underlying tissues are rejuvenated to a youthful state


"I had Restylane injections in my lips in the past on the recommendation of my doctor. Never again. It was very uncomfortable and my mouth was swollen for over a week. Lips 2 Kiss ® results are just as good if not better!" Kathleen, Lutherville, Maryland  -> More testimonial >>


Lips to Kiss ® is the Ultimate solution for those seeking the most Beautiful Lips possible.


Lips2Kiss ® can help you get hot lips, bigger lips, sexy lips, cute lips, beautiful lips, gorgeous lips, amazing lips, luscious lips, glamourous lips, wonderful lips, pouty lips, big lips, Angelina  lips, large lips, luscious lips, lovely lips, hot lips and sweet lips.