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Now, let's get serious about any wrinkles above your lips.. 


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What is Lips2Kiss?®


Lips2Kiss® is a simple 4-step Intensive LipCare Spa System consisting of 4 special LipCare products which you use for a total of 3 Minutes in the morning & 3 Minutes at night to get stunning beautiful lips results. In Return You will get Lusciously soft, smooth, youthful and plump lips with the reduction of lines on your lip surface as well as above and around your lips.


How and Why this System Works

4 Specially Developed Products

9 Cutting Edge Technologies

You will achieve lusciously soft, smooth, youthful and plump lips and

the reduction of lines on your lip surface as well as above and around your lips.

  • This simple 4 step program takes 3 minutes. When done morning and night, you will see magnificent results.
  • Instructions for this simple 4 step program are in your New Customer Letter which accompanies each system.
  • The 3 minutes spent each morning and night will be the easiest and most relaxing minutes of your entire day.

"I had Restylane injections in my lips in the past on the recommendation of my doctor. Never again! It was very uncomfortable and my mouth was swollen for over a week. Lips 2 Kiss results are just as good if not better!“ Kathleen, Lutherville, Maryland. 

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Lips2Kiss® Intensive Lip Care Spa System

 Lip Exfoliate: Exfoliate, Penetrate, Stimulate, Revitalize

Our Lip Exfoliate is the 1st product in our Cosmeceutical Spa Lip Care System; it gently exfoliates the lip surface, preparing tissues to absorb the treatment activities.

Formulated with quality ingredients, the smooth edge, rounded beads in our extraordinary Lip Exfoliate prevent scratching and tearing of the delicate lip surface.


Licorice extract, a naturally based botanical, restores natural lip color, whilst lightening dark spots, and evening out overall lip tone. Licorice also provides an anti-irritant aspect, which can help sooth tender tissues


Marine seaweed extract stimulates, revitalizes, disinfects and is protective to the lips' surface. It provides anti-oxidant effects, which hamper oxidative damage, one of the prime causes of skin aging and wrinkling.


Balm Mint extract is the low irritation version of this fragrant botanical, and provides an antiviral and sanitizing effect. It has been historically used for its healing properties.


Linden Flower Extract is rich in flavonoids, and glycosides, which have documented and potent antioxidant activity, and assist tissues in holding natural moisture in their deeper layers. This soothing botanical hydrates, soothes, and stimulates circulation. 


 Lip gloss: Nourish, Soothe, Plump, Volumize

Our Incredible Night Lip gloss is the 2nd product in our Intensive Spa Lip Care System The Lip gloss is an intensely rich and highly concentrated lip gloss formula designed to begin re-hydrating the new emerging lip tissues in addition to nourishing and feeding them.  The Lips 2 Kiss® Night Lip gloss provides the moisturizing that your lips truly need, in a form that will not damage new fragile lip tissues.


Formulated with advanced technologies in a unique ingredient blend, Lips2Kiss creates a product beyond your standard lip treatment gloss.


Deionized Water adds much needed hydration. Hyaluronic Acid, the body's own natural lubrication system, is present in joints and body tissues, this provides the plumpness in young healthy skin, and assists water retention between skin layers.


Skin repairing Peptides, provide cutting edge tissue repair ingredients, commonly found in high end cosmetic lines. Now they are at your fingertips.


Rich Vitamin base provides the much needed nutrients, utilized by every body cell for optimal function.


Vitamin B5, for cell growth renewal, hydration, and healing.


Vitamin E/ Tocopheryl Acetate has well documented benefits as an anti-oxidant "superstar" It helps repair UV caused free radical damage, and photo aging, provides photo protecting abilities. Used historically as an aid to heal skin tissues, and repair scars.


Vitamin C / Ascorbic Acid, another powerful antioxidant which can protect the lips’ capillaries and help build collagen. Vitamin C is essential in providing cumulative photo damage protection from incidental UV exposure.


Patented Lipo-filler aids in repair and replacement of lost tissue plumpness.


Rich botanical extracts, sooth, repair, and enhance the repair process.


Citric Acid, derived from citrus fruit, helping to maintain a proper ph balance, at a "skin-friendly" range.


Squalene, this plant based botanical oil from olives, has been known to be the closest comparable ingredient to human sebum. It provides softness while replacing necessary oils. A rich source of emollients, that also serves as an anti-inflammatory, and immune system stimulator.  


 Liquid Gold Hydrator: Interrupt, Rejuvenate, Restore 

Liquid Gold is the 3rd product in the Intensive Spa Lip Care System. It assists to interrupt the lips' aging process.

Botanical lipid complexes are at the heart of our Liquid Gold product. It is the first lip product of its kind to use botanical lipid complexes.  This specialized blend enhances the natural long term fullness of your lips, helping restore the plumpness of youth.


Oil Soluble Vitamin E  and Vitamin C

(oil soluble E and C are rare in cosmetic formulations, yet are proven to be much more effective than their water soluble counterparts)  Antioxidant power houses, that provide repair to UV damaged tissues, and help prevent photo aging damage.


Proprietary Botanical Blend: Unlike other botanical based products that focus on a single active ingredient from the plant, these clinically-tested plant complexes use the synergy that exists between carefully chosen plant ingredients in combination, to enhance specific performance.


Benefits include both anti-wrinkle and anti-irritation action. These lipid complexes are remarkably similar to the lipids in our own skin's stratum corneum, providing biocompatibility, to enhance penetration, and tissue uptake, and assist in improved repair and healing.

Liquid Gold assists in restoring damaged, dehydrated, and aged lip tissue, by replenishing the lipids, retaining tissue moisture and returning your lips to a youthful, smooth and healthy appearance.


Blow drying your lips with comfortable warm, not hot air, for 90 seconds after this step, is a critical component in this synergistic system.

(See warm air comments below)

About the Warm Air Step: According to the former Director of Esthetics at Salt Lake City Community College, Joyce Robinson:

”Due to the unique formulation compositions of the Lip Care System by Lips 2 Kiss®, directing 90 seconds of warm air on the lips and the area above the lips, soon after these formulations have been applied to these areas, has no harmful or detrimental affects whatsoever on the lips or the area above them. As a matter of fact, the warm air in conjunction with this system yields positive results. Using warm air with other products, not of these same formulations, would not be advisable."


In addition to all four products in our Intensive Lip System working synergistically together, our Liquid Gold with its botanical complexes has a unique synergy all on its own, assisting in producing intense and dramatic results.


 Night Glaze: Drench, Quench, Hydrate, Condition 

The Night Glaze is the 4th and final product in our Intensive Lip Care Spa System. Your lips have never felt anything like it - we guarantee it. This rich, silky conditioner drenches your lips, both the surface and inner tissues, and deeply hydrates. It is like nothing you've ever felt.



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