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Now, let's get serious about any wrinkles above your lips.. 


Lip Health Assassins

When your body or mind are under a great deal of stress, or your health is poor, your lips will reflect it. Poor diet, low water consumption, and dry environments will all affect lip suppleness and health. In winter seasons when humidity is low, and skin and lips are exposed to dry indoor heat, and outdoor chilly winds and weather, lips can become extra dehydrated.

They may become chapped, dried, may peel, and may even develop cold sores. Remember to regularly use the Spa LipCare System nightly, to help offset these effects. This cosmeceuticial system performs its treatment magic throughout the night. It works on your stressed tissues while you sleep.

Eliminate the Lines Above Your Lips

In order to eliminate lines above and around your lips, an awareness of why you have them and how they developed are vital. As soon as you understand the why and how, the committment to eliminate them comes easily.

Warm Air at Night

Using the warm air step after applying other brands of lip products can produce harmful results, because you will be over drying and dehydrating delicate lip tissues, instead of enhancing them. The Spa LipCare System is carefully formulated to work in conjunction with the warm air process, and will not harm lip tissues.


As new cells develop and replace the old ones, mild peeling can and may occur. Some women however, never peel yet experience complete lip rejuvenation. Peeling is addressed in the introduction and instruction letter accompanying your initial lipcare system.

Works from the Inside Out

This Intensive System targets the lip tissues working from the inside (cellular matrix), out. Once these tissues are repaired, restructured, restored, and rejuvenated, then a visible difference will be seen and felt on your lip surface.

Face 2 Flaunt Line Eliminators 

The Face 2 Flaunt® line eliminators were formulated to work together with the lip system, in using the most aggressive anti-wrinkle and anti-aging efficacies available. These line eliminators work within the facial tissues' cellular matrix to repair, restructure, restore, and rejuvenate as the lip system works within your lip tissues.

Added Bonus with Line Eliminators

What we didn't realize when we first started testing our line eliminators was how effective they are on other facial lines and wrinkles. The ULLE (Upper Lip Line Eliminator) is also amazing on the lines around the eyes, on the forehead, between the brows, and the nasolabial folds. The LE (Line Eliminator) smoothes, lifts, tones and tightens. Our clients rave about the face lift effect it has given them, in addition to the toning and lifting effect it has had on their previously sagging and wrinkly necks. Softening of age spots and sun discolorations are yet another bonus with the LE, on backs of hands, upper chest, and arms. When applied to the sagging underarm area, it lifts and tones.

Special Sensitive Skin concerns 

Exfoliate water dampened lips one night out of every 10 if you have ever had cold sores, or your lips have ever cracked and or bled. Always minimize exfoliation to 10 to 15 seconds per session. Longer exfoliation can over irritate lips.

Side Effects

Lush moist plump lips

Renewed lip color

Softening and disappearance of upper lip wrinkles

Defined vermillion border

Enhanced lip width and fullness

Better moisture retention

The desire to kiss those you love more often


  • Do not store any Lips2Kiss products in direct sunlight and keep out of excessive heat or cold. extremes
  • Do not use Lips2Kiss if open sores or infections are present on your lips.
  • Though highly unlikely, if you experience any allergic reaction such as excessive swelling, itching, or the appearance of red dots, stop using Lips2Kiss and consult a physician.
  • If you experience excessive peeling or dryness, or any negative effects, please contact our helpful customer service at any time. We can often assist you in fine tuning your treatment plan to one that works best for your particular skin needs and life style.

The Intensive Spa LipCare System 4 Simple Steps are:

Step 1 - Apply Lip Exfoliative Product to Exfoliate, Stimulate, Revitalize your lips

Step 2 - Use Lip gloss Product to Nourish, Soothe, Plump, Volumize your lips

Step 3 - Apply Liquid Gold Product to Interrupt, Rejuvenate, Restore your lips

Step 4 - Use Night Glaze Product to Drench, Quench, Hydrate, Condition your lips